Apawthecary CBD Dog Treats

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  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Or Severe Pain
  • Stress
Product Description

Starting dosage:
Pet Treats - 40-44 treats per bag each treat has 1.5 - 2MG of Hemp Terpenes

Small up to 27 pounds 1-2 Treats per day
Medium- 28-57 pounds 2-3 Treats per day
Large- 58-97 pounds 3-4 Treats per day
Ex Large- 98-137 4-5 Treats per day
Giant- 138+ pounds 5-6 Treats per day

Starting dosage based on size of dog, Adjust according to size: over the first 3 days. By the fourth day
there should be a noticeable change. If not, increase the dosage by a little - 2 additional treats or 1/4
dropper, and monitor improvement. Slowly increase the dosage until the desired effects are achieved,
or for 2 weeks. If no change is noticed at the 2 week interval, stay with the current dose and stay
there until change is noticed. Note: This could take up to 2 months
Special Note: The ECS is self regulating and by feeding it, the system will work on the worst issue
first. There may be an issue the pet parent isn't even aware of so the results may not be noticeable at
first. As that issue is repaired it will move onto to the next issue. We have yet to find a customer that
hasn't seen an improvement, eventually, and all it takes is a little patience. Some see a difference with
one treat, or one dose of tincture, some may take longer. Pups who have epilepsy will stop having
seizures after one dosage, those who are anxious and nervous will calm down after a week and some
senior pups who no longer can walk without pain will get up and play after a few days. It all depends
on the pup and the issues.
You should notice the pet getting up easier and feeling younger as the medicine works it magic. The
biggest complaint (which isn't a complaint at all) for the older dogs is - you gave me back a 6yr old!
Maintenance dosage:
After 1 month slowly lower the number of treats, or dropper fill, by 1/4 at a time. Monitor for any
reoccurring pain and discomfort. Once you see the pain returning, take the pet back to the level you
last noticed discomfort. Once you find the "sweet spot" you can keep your pet at this level as long as
you want.
Many opt to use both treats and tinctures. Start with a higher dosage of the tincture and lower the
treat intake. This is hard to do as the pups love the treats, and giving more won't hurt, but will cost you
money you don't necessarily need to spend. After the fur baby seems fine, you can stick with just the
treats, or give a small amount of both. You'll figure out that happy medium. The tincture is fractionated
coconut oil and hemp terpenes, with added organic all natural non-allergen flavouring so it will last a
very long time. The treats should be okay, in a dark cool place, for several months.

Wheat and Corn free

Hemp derived terpenes, from seed and stalk oat
flour , chana flour, rolled oats, apple sauce,
beef broth, powdered milk, hemp hearts,
hemp protein powder, eggs, coconut oil,
hemp oil, cinnamon, tocopherol (vitamin E) for

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