8 Ways to Handle Anxiety

CBD and Anxiety – 8 ways you can take care of Anxiety naturally!

As marijuana continues to be more accepted in mainstream society, more and more people are turning to the plant to aid with countless medical conditions – this one is for people who deal with anxiety.

If you’re one of those people, here’s a major tip: introducing a strain with a high CBD content is known to help soothe a wide range of anxiety related issues without any side effects!

We’ve created a list of eight everyday anxiety issues that some might not be aware that marijuana can help out with.



It’s completely normal to overthink situations at some times – an anxious mind can often go a step further and begin obsessing over these hypotheticals. Good news: the CBD component of marijuana can help stop your brain from heading into “thought overdrive” with its non-sedative and soothing properties.


Social Anxiety

Do you get nervous when surrounded by a whole group of new people, a few friends or even simply going out in public sometimes? CBD comes in clutch here too – it’ll help control your anxious thoughts and aid you in having some confident and interesting conversations!


Spooked by public speaking

Some anti-anxiety medications might make patients feel slow and even somewhat intoxicated – marijuana isn’t like that. It’s been known to help improve cognitive performance – not only that, it’s a mood booster; put those two together and you’ve got the key to becoming a public speaking pro!


Butterflies before a meeting

A lot of people get nervous before a big meeting or presentation – that’s alright. Anxiety-induced gastrointestinal issues come up pretty often but leave individuals even more distracted and worried than need be. Aside from being a godsend for anti-anxiety purposes, CBD also works as a strong anti-emetic and will help curb the urge for vomiting.


Nervous on the big day? No problem.

Big job interview on the line? Hot date on the way? In any situation where you’re a little nervous that you’ll miss the mark or underperform, marijuana comes in clutch. The mood-boosting properties give users a common “feel good” effect, not to mention increased cognitive performance. Put those negative thoughts off to the side and fully focus on your task at hand!


Chasing deadlines

Deadlines are stressful. Not only do they make many anxious, but they certainly affect the quality of one’s work overall. If you’re looking to ease up without losing focus, CBD-dominant marijuana is where you’ve gotta go – deadlines won’t stress you out nearly as much!


THC induced anxiety

THC is known to cause anxiety in some, but it’s still an important component of all marijuana – it’s known to balance out the production of endocannabinoid, the chemical in the plant that’s responsible for anxiety. CBD helps counter the anxiety released by THC by mitigating the energetic side of the feeling, creating a general soothing effect to balance everything out.


Exploring a new place

In a new place, or maybe just in unfamiliar surroundings? It’s known to make some people anxious and that’s alright – marijuana can give you a hand here with an boost to your awareness, helping you find your way around!


Looking to take care of your anxiety the natural way? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our top three picks for those looking for some high-CBD solutions to the problem.

Top Sativa: Haze

Top Indica: Organic Green Crack

Looking for pure CBD? Try some Rogi Distillate!

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