6 Reasons Why Weed and Working Out Go Great Together

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6 Reasons Why Weed and Working Out Go Great Together

It’s a fair assumption for someone uneducated on marijuana’s effects on athletes that smoking/consuming the plant is bound to decrease performance. Fortunately, this simply isn’t the case! Modern research into the topic has indicated that working out after consuming marijuana is not only okay for the body, but beneficial in certain aspects! It’s a well established fact that marijuana use helps individuals overcome stress; however, did you know that it can also help individuals focus more on their routines and speed up their body’s metabolic rate?

We’ve gathered up a collection of six great reasons for you to give using marijuana pre-workout a try!

  1. “No pain, no gain” - that’s simply false!

Let’s be honest: everyone knows that sometimes either during or after an intense workout, your body can experience a ton of stress, aches, pains - really, anything you could imagine when you’re pushing out the last couple reps of a set or the last quarter mile of a run. Using marijuana is proven to distract an individual’s mind from the pain that their body is experiencing, effectively increasing one’s pain threshold temporarily.

     2) Get your mind right; get in the zone!

If an individual is high during a workout, it’s way easier to get into “the zone”; it’ll help with focus and staying determined to finish your sets. In short, you’ll see far greater results sooner than you think!

     3) It’s the secret to speedy recovery!

Everyone hates muscle soreness post-workout, medically known as D.O.M.S. or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Here’s the thing though: the cannabinoid compounds found within marijuana aid in speeding up muscle recovery time and reducing overall muscle soreness!

     4) It’s a nice little boost to your bake!

Working out for just half an hour is enough to trigger chemicals in your body to push for an even stronger high than when you started; in fact, research has shown that this extra buzz may last for up to a whopping 28 days for some lucky individuals!

The reason for this is that because you primarily burn fat over the course of a workout, small amounts of THC are re-released into the bloodstream. Therefore, users might experience the same high while exercising as one would feel after consuming a small dose of marijuana - this is quite similar to the effect of a “runner’s high”.

     5) It’s the metabolism booster you never knew you needed!

Not everyone knows this, but consuming cannabis helps regulate the body’s insulin levels - a critical component of losing weight. There are two compounds found within marijuana that are special in this regard: THC and Cannabidiol. They’ve both been proven to assist in raising the body’s overall metabolic rate and thereby speed up the process of burning fat and lowering one’s cholesterol levels!

    6) Even some pro athletes are taking advantage

          of marijuana’s restorative effects!

While occasionally the source of a whole lot of controversy, plenty of professional athletes have come forward admitting to consuming marijuana; both recreational and medicinally. These athletes, both professionally active and retired, have claimed that using marijuana aided them in focusing more and healing faster. The pain-relieving properties of cannabis are regarded as wholly invaluable by athletes - intense workout routines have a habit of resulting in both internal and external injuries, along with unreal muscle soreness; marijuana is a sure-fire supplement to help deal with these issues!

Thus, consuming marijuana right before working out might be a great idea that will help you make the most of your routine. However, be sure about finding the right strain and right amount to optimize your workout, as the dosage may differ person to person and a wrong dosage might just hamper your daily workout routine.

All in all, consuming marijuana prior to a workout might just be the secret ingredient in ensuring that you can make the most of your routine. However, it’s important to find both the right strain and the right amount to best suit your workout needs - dosage and its’ effect on the individual range widely and taking too much can ruin your workout.

Pro tip: stick to Sativa strains pre-workout to ensure you don’t become sluggish or tired during your workout - save the Indicas for when you’re recovering post-workout!

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